Thursday, January 29, 2009

Clare, I WUV you!!!

MUMMY: Its only the 3rd day of Barn2's craziness.

7 more days to go..... (Sigh).

Saturday, January 24, 2009


MUMMY: Clare is on heat. Is this the time for them to get married?



Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

Clare gets a massage...

Barn2: It's a Saturday! Mummy and Aunty Lu brought Clare and I to Pawsitive Sensations. Lucky was there...

So was Coco...

Then it was Clare's turn to get a massage...

Aunty Linda said that she had 'very defined muscles'. Must be due to all the jumping around and swimming that she has been doing. Maybe a canine version of Jo Jo Sinclair (lady body builder in Singapore)? Hmmmm....



BARN2: Mummy took us to the vet a week and a half ago. She said she needed to ask Dr Ly if Clare and I can get married...

Clare wasn't too excited about the prospect of seeing the vet. In the waiting room....

MUMMY: Dr Ly was very impressed with Barn2's looks- especially his big goldfish eyes. "He can get you to do anything with those eyes," he said. "Barn2's a extremely handsome boy....".
Hmm..that's true.
Asked if the two could get married, Dr Ly said "Why not? Go ahead!"

Barn2's a bit unsure of things.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mummy gets angry....(finally)

Its past midnight.
The two kids were given their wee2 time at the front yard. Barn2 wee-d. Clare didnt. Ran around. Door closed. Upstairs. Barn2 went on the bed. Clare jumped up and they wrestled. Play growls etc.


After a while, I felt suspicious and saw Clare sitting on the floor. I found Barn2 on the bed sitting CURLED up ON HIS HUGE PILLOW. Not normal. He sleeps on his pillow but he doesnt normally curl his body like that.

Then....I saw .....!

A pool of wee2 on my/Barn2's side of the bed.Several bolsters and pillows were drenched with it. As were the duvet and the bedsheets, etc. I had to remove all these and am now washing the bedsheets/pillowcases. The mattress is now being dried in front of the airconditioner (I poured Dettol on it after soaking up as much of the wee2 as I could with kitchen towel). You can see the EXTENT of what she has done (mattress with sheets removed here)

When bedsheets are washed, I have to wash two bolsters and duvet. Will probably be 230am before I can sleep.

And the two?

Barn2 looked SOOOOO guilty. I knew he didnt do it because he doesnt pee that way. He also pee-ed earlier outside the house. I kept reassuring him I wasnt angry with him. His legs trembled. Poor boy.

And the TERRORIST? She was happily smiling away until....and this is the FIRST TIME in her life that I really whacked her.Slapped both sides of the bum - several times....

She ran downstairs. I carried her up (one hand on the scruff of her neck while the other hand carried her nicely) hauled her onto the bed and slapped her bum again. This time she knew she was being punished. Now the two are downstairs quite cowed.

GRRRRR......Might not let her sleep on the bed tonight. Barn2 can...but not her.

Washed everything except the last bolster...(its in the washing machine at the moment). Changed bedsheets etc. Barn2 gets to sleep on the bed. Clare- is banished to the floor. Same arrangement as when she was a pup. Except that she isnt given any bed nor pillows nor toys. Just bare floor. If she doesnt know how to sleep on the bed without poo-ing and pee-ing on it...she doesnt get to sleep on it!

Mummy: He's a sweet boy.