Monday, July 27, 2009


Mummy: Now it's Marky's turn to go for the outing (the corgis have returned to the house).

Unlike his corgi siblings, Marky spends an average of only 10 mins at Pet Movers. His idea of fun is the enjoyment of the car ride....not the run-run time at the field.


Mummy: Marky and Barn2 dont get along. Hence they have to take turns when there's an outing. Barn2 thinks that Marky is our neighbourhood dog. He doesnt realise that Marky is his elder brother and lives in the same house (albeit in a different section of the house)!

At Petmovers, Clare starts her antics...

Barn2's idea of fun is different from Clare's.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Mummy: Today we took Barn2 and Clare to Pet Movers for their run-run. The little girl used all her energy trying to herd her Ko Ko and her Aunty Lu.

Clare: She obeys me! Hee hee

(We brought Marky to a nearby park and walked him around...)

Mummy: Now Clare, maybe you should be a little like him...ya? Behaving oneself and not trying to tell the humans what to do. You bullied your Aunty Lu today!
Clare: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....
Mummy: Clare! Clare?! Sigh.

Corgi Clare and Lucky's Birthday Pawty (Part II)

Mummy: These are mostly taken by Clare's Godma Rachael. A couple were taken by Ailene.


(Yup. Corgis ate first).

Clare and Lucky: For us??? (Grin)

Smile for the camera
Both Clare and Lucky getting interested in the food....

Clare trying to tell those on the ground to back off from the food....

During the party, we had to separate Barn2 from the rest of the group because he didnt get
along with most dogs. He loves people though.
Here's an example of his attitude.....

He managed to outstare all the big dogs in the next cage. But dont feel sorry for him. He had the pool all to himself to swim in (after all the corgis retired to play in the agility area) and he was given - FOUR slices of the birthday cake! I gave him one and Uncle Eugene gave him THREE!! No wonder the boy was smiling.... (see part I photos)
Here's one of my godsons: Dexter decked out in his finery...(the 'dress up your corgi' segment of the programme)

We think Clare enjoyed herself that night...

Mummy: (Smile).