Wednesday, January 29, 2014


MARKY: Makarios(Greek) Blessed
       Ju-You: The Lord's Protection
He was a hit and run victim 13 years ago when he was a pup. Rescued from Loyang and fostered and adopted under the Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) group.
“ The best behaved dog in the house”
BARNABAS: Son of Encouragement
       Ju-Ern: The Lord's Grace
He is 10 years old. He likes to wear clothes and he likes to talk, forgetting that he can be LOUD. He loves humans and he likes cuddling. A real baby boy.  He is bullied by his wife who bit off part of his ear when they were dating, part of his tongue and one tooth. He still loves her… He doesn’t like other dogs.
CLARE: after St Clare
       Ern-Jie: Grace and Holiness
She is 6 years old. The BOSS of the pack. She is sweet and loves cuddles, balls (all balls are hers) and she is a lady gangster chief. Very fiesty and can give a very good scolding to people. When she really gets angry, she will pee on beds and poo on tables.
ARI-EL: Lion of God
      Ju-Shern: The Lord's Victory
He is 3 years old. Twin brother of Asher. He is the quiet college boy type, introverted, very intelligent and loving. He is a fast runner and a good communicator (with his eyes). When he grows up, he wants to be a German Shepherd. He is known as “little lion” when he was a pup.
ASHER: Joy/Happiness
      Ju-Ler: The Lord's Joy 
He is 3 years old. Twin brother of Ari-el. He is a high extrovert, a clown and great fun to be with. Very goofy and cute. He is also extremely noisy…. He thinks everyone in the house is deaf. He can destroy a toy in a few minutes…just like his mom, Clare.
 He is known as “little bear” when he was a pup.


CNY Dress Up



Barn2 is 10 years old. His Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and his enlarged prostrate were issues of concern. Dr Ly suggested that Barn2 undergo a snip2. Barn2 did...on the 20th of January 2014.
He seemed ok after his operation.
Barn2 had fathered 2 boys already. He is as alpha dog as he can be- with or without his balls.
In any Dr Ly says, "Clare is still the top nothing's changed with the op..."