Wednesday, October 31, 2007



CLARE: Good morning!

Here are some of my morning photos....TOPSIDE VIEW....


( And especially for some of you who are fascinated with my tail.....yes, I have one!! it is...)

BARN: I don't want to know...just keep me out of this introduction....!


As I was was a good morning.... Mummy took Ko Ko Marky, Ko Ko Barn2 and I to K9 Kampus. I got to stay at Aunty Z's Pawsitive Sensations......

Since I slept rather late last night and did some serious poo-ing in my enclosure early this morning...(waking up Mummy at around 5am to clean things up)....I was sleepy...

Soon I woke up and found Aunty Z's fingers very tasty. When she tried to discipline me, I barked and growled at her.....

OK....I have to learn that I cannot bully everyone like I try to bully Mummy....
And then- Aunty Z introduced me to Ko Ko Benny....

He's about twice or three times my size (if you count till the tip of his LONG tail....)

To be honest, I was a little scared at first....

...especially when he tried to clean my ears....

Then I thought to myself.....

Even if his teeth is bigger than mine...I have one advantage.....

So I gave it to him.....

Sometimes, having "Darth Vader" or "Brad Pitt" Barn2 as one's Ko Ko has its advantages....
Hee hee.
That's telling him. Humph.

After some playing, I was very tired.....and I slept in Aunty Z's arms.....

(MUMMY: See Benny's blog for his story of their encounter...

This video in Benny's blog is worth seeing.

It shows you how determined a girl Clare is. (Note the strong-willed WUFF!! response from her at the end of the video )


For the first time in the weeks I have been there, they opened the dog run area for us to run wild.....

Some played with balls thrown by the trainers.
Others like myself, just ran around....


We are at it again....Uncle Josiah is still trying to teach me how to be civil to other dogs.
Am ok with all except a Beagle. Too extroverted for me. So I growled. Here's the exercise they had with me and Ko Ko Marky....

Sometimes I wonder....

And what was Mummy doing during this time?
Hamming up with my new sister Clare and with Benny at Pawsitive Sensations....

I dont know how Benny can get into this position (above).
He looks comfortable though....and happy.

Anyway Benny- missed saying HI to you today in a meaningful way.
See you next week young Skywalker....!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Pup arrived at Ericcson Pet Farm.
Viewed pup. Paid deposit.

Adopted pup.
Named her Clare.
Took her home.
Both ears were down.

Clare had some tummy problems: diahorrea and vomiting.
But still very active.
One ear is up.

Clare's diahorrea ceased.
We discovered that she is very fiesty.

Both ears are up.
Clare climbed up the stairs herself - following Ko Ko Barn2...and shocking Mummy and Grandpa.

Preparing for bed. One quarter for Clare, one quarter for Barn2, half for Mummy.

Clare preparing to invade Ko Ko Barn2's space....

Barn2: You must be joking, kid....

Well, if you want to try...come on....

Clare believes that discretion is the better part of valour...
CLARE: Besides...I am such a sweet little girl...
...most of the time (eg when I am sleepy)....

...until I transform into....THE LITTLE TERRORIST!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Hi. This is me.

I'm sweet, huh?
This is my Ko Ko Barn2....

He watches over me...

Well, some of the time. He doses off sometimes...(but rarely).

Ah, since we are talking about sleep....
I sleep in different places.

Last night, they brought me to Mummy's airconditioned room and put me here....(with a fan just in case the airconditioning isnt cold enough).

Here's me there tonight. Mummy decided to give me more space...

This was how I napped this afternoon...on Mummy's bed.

Sometimes on Mummy's arm...
(See me smiling...)

What else do I do- besides eating and sleeping?

Here I am chewing Ko Ko Barn2's special pillow...Hee Hee...

(Have to sleep now. Talk more tomorrow....)

SUNDAY 28th October 2007

Mummy was so worried that I could shoot Milo- (without milk) coloured poo and throw up my food yesterday (Sat) that she took me to the vet this evening (Sun). Aunty Carol (she calls herself the 'wicked step mother' of me and Ko Ko Barn2. I dont know what that means yet....) carried me while Mummy drove the car. She likes me!

At the vet's. The nurse carried me.

Here I am - ready for anything.....


Well, little girl wasnt prepared for temperature taking. We discovered something new about her. She can be FIERCE!! She barked and growled at the vet very very loudly in her puppy voice. Good for her. She is going to be fiesty! Watch out, Barn2....ha..

Vet did test on parvo. She doesnt have that. She does not have a temperature. She might have been very stressed out with changes in country, temperature, food, water, etc. Just gave her some deworming tablets etc. She did have two meals today: rice, chicken and egg white.

930pm She ran into the 'bushes' area of the garden and became very dirty. Had no choice but to give her (and Barn2) a hot shower.

Barn loves showers. He follows us into the bathroom every time- hoping that he would get one.

Little Clare wasnt too adverse with it. The only problem was that she wouldnt keep still for the soaping and the showering. Here's photos of her being towel dried....

Around 10pm: We found out that she is one very determined, focused and fiesty pup. If she is targetting one's pants (like mine)- she would keep attacking it and not be deterred by any disciplinary action. In fact, she would bark and growl and scold back LOUDLY in retaliation!

11pm. She just poo-ed. Its quite solid. Praise the Lord!

Friday, October 26, 2007


Barn2's busy (I will tell you why later) I am doing the writing.
We want to introduce CLARE to you.
Specifically- Clare Ern-Jie(you can see the blog below on our names).
In short:
  • She is 3 months 5 days old today.
  • She arrived yesterday at Ericcson Pet Farm.
  • From Victoria, Australia.
I had put my name there for almost 3 years. Wanted to be notified whenever a tri coloured corgi girl comes in. The last time, the girl was too placid and not too solid in looks. It wasnt the right time then too. (Trax was ill)
Had a call yesterday. Went there. Saw this girl....

She was so sweet.
Curious, adventurous.
Not placid nor fearful.
Nice colour.

I called my father. To my surprise, he said without hesitation: "Get her!"
So I paid the deposit.
We all thought that Barn2 had a bad cold and I worried re how we can KIV her homecoming.
Took Barn2 to Dr Ly this morning.
The boy has rhinitis (allergy). Like mom, like boy.
Not a problem.

So Dad and I went to get her.
At Ericcson this afternoon.....

When we reached home....
Dad carried her (precious girl!)

I carried her....

Barn showed his interest...

Its now almost 5 hours since we returned.
He hasnt stopped circling her enclosure. He is fascinated with her!
We are dizzy watching him.
The sides of her enclosure are covered with his wet saliva. Yuks.
She is ok with him. Interested in him but independent. She plays by herself, she sleeps...and she shows occasional desire to say hello to him.

Introduced her to Marky.
He barked at her.
She sat next to me and looked at him, puzzled.

She had a good dinner (will give her supper in a while. Gave her half a portion of her food just now). She pooped at the driveway when I took her there (clever girl!). She is now sleeping.
PTL for her.

Aunty Carol just came. She wanted to visit Clare

She introduced Barn2 to Clare.

Must say I am proud of Barn2. He was such a good Ko Ko (elder brother). He watched over Clare and tried to herd her as well. Clare was taken with him. She trotted behind him (sometimes trying to chase his tail) and followed him to his water bowl. They both drank from the same bowl.
Photos were taken from handphone.
No flash.