Monday, May 31, 2010

Corgis and their comfort zones

Mummy: Before we do "Around the Clock with Marky", here's a glimpse of the corgis' lifestyle.

Haven't been able to find Dremel Pet Tool in Singapore pet shops as yet. The shops sell Pedipaws, which I am told, is a less effective alternative to the Dremel. Local Fix-It stores do sell the industrial type Dremels (operated by electricity, not by batteries) for heavy duty grinding purposes. Not sure how dogs would take to those.

The drone of the grinder could be sweet music to her ears.

THEN there's the kiddy pool....

(The pool is from Toys R Us. The 'stairs' are from Giant hypermart/ garden stores).
Their Aunty Lu spoils them....

Shake! Shake!! Shake!!!
No prizes for guessing who ends up being splashed with the water.....

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Around the clock with Barn2

Early morning:

Unfortunately for him, Clare is not as romantic....

She redesigned his ear several months ago....

The boy is sometimes TOO serious....

Mummy: Barn2, it's ok to be the BABY BOY of the family.....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Around the clock with Clare

630am Wakey, Wakey, Mummy!
830am (after breakfast and early morning nap) Play BALL!!! NOW!!! (Mummy still trying to catch up on sleep since she went to bed at 3am....)

Throughout the day.....
Every ball in the house (according to her) is HERS.
Then once a week or once in two's swimming time.

She loves the SPLASH!! when she hits the water and she will swim towards her toy with a bug-eyed look....(in case we grab it before she does)....She's the first one into the water and the last one out.
Then when there's FOOD or a toy above her Dada's head (he would hide it there)....she would jump onto the sofa. He would grab her and make her sit - for a few seconds at least- on his lap (before she runs off with the toy).

It's nighttime. And before Mummy gets to bed, Clare claims her territory.

Mummy: I fully agree with you Barn2!

Progress with the DOGTWISTER

MUMMY: Barn2 is doing well : muzzle, snout, paws- all working together.... Clever boy.

Clare has improved after a few days. Still using mostly her mouth, she has learnt that paws are of some use too....

My kids have passed kindergarten. Primary school begins in a few days. (GRIN)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


MUMMY: Barn2 proved to be the brighter one in this educational exercise. Probably because he is more open to learning new methods. I placed his paw on the equipment twice and he got the idea. He can now get to the treats within a few seconds.

Even after several tries and private tuition (I placed her paw on the equipment a few times), she hasn't figured out the need to use her paw beyond 'mild scratching' of the rim of the toy. I guess she is more 'fixed' in her style of tackling ('attacking' is more appropriate) any challenge.
Will try again another day.


Clare: This is unusual. My two brothers- Marky and Barn2 are chickens whenever there's a thunderstorm. A few days ago, there was a thunderstorm. Usually Ko Ko Marky would knock kitchen furniture down and pace frantically around the place, whining all the time. Mummy did some wierd wraps around his body and....

He even laid down for her to do some kind of massage she calls the 'Tellington Touch'. His back was trembling involuntarily but he remained down on all fours without a fuss as she sang to him (an old Sunday School chorus-"With Christ in the vessel we can smile at the storm"!!)during the massage. Hmmm. The stunner came when she gave him Dada's dinner leftovers as a treat (Marky already had his own dinner). When fearful, he would not eat. But he was able to polish up the chicken rice.

Then it was Ko Ko Barn2's turn. When there's a thunderstorm, he would find the highest place to sit on. If in the living room, he would try the sofa or better, the old dining table top. If on the bed, it would be Mummy's head. (Yes, 19 plus kg of corgi on one's face is not a joke!). Mummy put the new THUNDERSHIRT on him.

No fuss. It worked.
Wonder what else Mummy has up her sleeve since she returned from Sydney from the Tellington Touch course?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

THE BLUR (without a clue) BRIDEGROOM...

MUMMY: Poor Barn2.

For once, Clare was open to the idea. See her pushing him and twitching her tail. For the first time in about half an hour, Barn2 got the directions right. (He usually can't figure out where Clare's front and back ends are in such matters). But his aim wasn't great.

The funniest part is the last segment when Clare berates him (jabs him in the ribs) for not being able to do the job.Well, it looks like there's no wedding.

Might be time for the two to celebrate CELIBACY.....