Tuesday, April 28, 2009



About 27 years ago, a friend of mine, L - introduced me to cat rescue. I remembered how she and I used to chase cats in Bugis Street and Desker Road, catch them with nets and haul them to SPCA for sterilisation before bringing them back to the streets to release them. She would get the prostitutes in those streets to help release the sterilised cats from their cages AFTER the cats have fully woken up from their post-op drowsy state. I stopped doing cat sterilisation work when I became allergic to their fur and when the demands of my official job increased.

Dogs in need have always popped up at the most unexpected places and times. I picked up an abandoned Great Dane from Yio Chu Kang (and adopted him when no one claimed him), a German Shepherd pup from Chua Chu Kang cemetery while attending a funeral, a dachshund from the busy Marymount Road area . Dachshund was on the three lane main road. Had to stop car the middle of the road , chase dog, jump into drain in high heels (because dog fell into drain while running from me) and pull dog out. There was a mongrel pup at a chapel where we were holding services. Had carry the the manja pup (four paws in the air) to a Malay-Chinese family for them to adopt him that very day. But all these were occasional. As and when the need arose.

The Davee episode (see earlier post regarding the mongrel with a bagel shaped growth on her back: malignant skin cancer) propelled me back into this ministry. This time, my involvement is limited to helping out with publicity (to get fosterers and adoptors) and providing transportation when possible. Worked with teams of people who tried to help Faith (the Ponggol rooftop pup), Panda, Dale (the Golden Retriever), Snowy(the terrier) and a few others. It is really a privilege to be working with such committed and passionate people.

Then L my friend called me up for dinner. She introduced me to two young men who had been saving dogs from the streets and from puppy mills with some help from her. They told me about a corgi girl in the puppy mill....(later, they told me about a corgi boy in the same facility)...and the rest is history.

(Doubleclick on the photo to increase the size)






There are a couple of other dogs there that we need to 'spring out' before this puppy mill closes. One is a small sized Lab. The other is a HUSKY who needs to be a solo dog in a home (he has attacked and hurt several dogs in the puppy mill). We need fosterers. We need adoptors who can provide a loving FOREVER home for the already traumatised dogs. And we need them FAST because TIME IS RUNNING OUT for the dogs. Please help.

Monday, April 27, 2009


We took Timothy (Timmy) to Aunty G's home tonight.
Chloe, the resident corgi. had a great (and noisy) time playing with the young newcomer. Here they are with their kangeroo imitation:

As Timmy was welcomed by Aunty G,

...we noticed that Chloe tried (a few times) to block him from her mom. She is after all, the chief resident dog of the house.....

Chloe's mischievious mascara-ed eyes, her ya-ya attitude and her rounded-ness made her very irresistable to Aunty Lu (and I) who like 'naughty dogs and chubby tubbies...'.

Timmy seems to be settling down well. He left deposits of himself in various parts of the room within the hour. He showed his appreciation of Jazzie the Sheltie fairly quickly too...

(Ahem. Enuff said.)
Our prayer for Timmy is that
a. He will be a blessing to his foster family
b. He will be blessed by his foster family
c. He will grow FAT (ok...fat-ter)
d. He will eventually become a part of this family....

Sunday, April 26, 2009




It starts slowly....with Timmy trying to get Clare to play.
When Clare gets into the fun (second half of the clip), the pace intensifies....
Very funny.


Took Timmy to see the vet for checkup. He is 10.3 kg. Has a slight case of pododermatitis (foot: skin problem) so was given antibacterial scrub and cream. He already has his parvo jab and deworming...so all that needed was the heartworm test.
Found out that he had already been microchipped. Great!

Jireh Vet Clinic came highly recommended by friends Leng and Davee's mom. Since it is at 15 Venus Road, Windsor Park Estate (Upper Thomson Road area, off AMKio), its not too far from my place. Its a new clinic ( about 6 months old) and best of all, it wasn't crowded! Vet Dr Christopher Tham and staff were very friendly. Timmy was warming up to the people when I had to carry him back to the car (he hasnt learnt to walk on leash as yet) to go home.


Timmy chews ears too - like Benny!!


LATEST NEWS: Chloe/Jazzie's ma G. will be fostering Timmy from tonight. She might consider adopting him.....



Thanks L and D for getting him out.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Barn2 :
It's Wednesday again (The date system of this Blog is a bit slow. It says Tuesday when it should be Wednesday....).

Wednesday is the regular day for our outings.
Mummy and Aunty Lu took us to Trinity Methodist Church to visit Clare's Godma who is the Pastor-in-Charge there....

Yes, Clare left her MARK there....

Then we went to Mutts and Mittons' doggy pool....


MUMMY: The two are now sleeping soundly. Let's hope they will still be exhausted tonight so that I can have a good night's sleep. They have been waking me up the past two nights to pee and poo every few hours. Poor me.
(Barn2: Humph....huh? ZZzzzzzzzzz
Clare: Hee hee)