Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This morning, I had two 20 minute fighting sessions with Ko Ko Barn2. It was fun. The first one was at the living room. The second was on Mummy's bed. Hee hee.

Mummy then brought my Godma Rachel and I to Pawsitive Sensations. Ko Ko Barn2 and Ko Ko Marky didnt get to come. Ko Ko Barn2 wasnt well so both of my brothers missed thier classes at K9 Kampus.

Everyone wanted me to meet Lucky, a girl corgi my age (she is actually a little older than I). Am told she is as fiesty as I. She was to receive a massage there at 1030am....Hence we were at Pawsitive Sensations to see her.

Here's Lucky! (Mummy swiped some photos from Lucky's blog because she couldnt take a clear frontal photo of Lucky today). Cute, isnt she? Sweet girl.
Well, Lucky and I met. We played. She's a nice girl.Godma Rachel taught Lucky how to fight with me.(Not fair!) Lucky did quite well. But I was rather halfhearted about fighting with her. I was more interested in some chew toys and Ko Ko Benny's cane basket. Mummy didnt take many photos at that point (her camera had some battery problems) so you will probably see the photos in Benny's or Lucky's blog (see side menu on the right for their blog addresses).

Then Ko Ko Benny came.
I liked fighting with him. I thought I had learnt a lot fighting with Ko Ko Barn2 but I guess it wasnt enough. Ko Ko Benny is a master at Celestial Ear-Chewing, Flying Body Slam and Elogatedcorgi Bodyholds type of Kung Fu. I have to learn more to have a better fight with him.

On the way back, I fell asleep at the back of the car with Godma Rachel watching over me. When the car stopped, Mummy fed me with the doggy pastry that Lucky's Dad gave to us (from the US Doggie Bakery). Yum! Thank you Uncle Protocol!

We went home...I got to pee...and then Ko Ko Barn2 joined us in the car. Mummy sent Godma home and we went to Animal Recovery Centre in Balestier to see Dr Ly. While we were there, there was a very nice nurse who carried me almost everywhere....It was nice.

Ko Ko Barn2 was found to have a bit of fever. He has tracheitis. I think that's kennel cough. Dr Ly gave him a jab and some medicine. Mummy then drove us home.

I am a very tired pup today. Good night.....!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

SAMSENG PO (Lady Gangster)


These include:

1 "Chope" - to 'book/claim' a seat or a place as your own eg when you are going to an open air food stall joint (kopitiam), you claim a seat as your own (usually by leaving some of your own belongings there eg a pack of tissue paper) while you walk around to order your food....
2 "Kopitiam"- explained above. Favourite eating location of most Singaporeans
3 "Ah So"- Title normally given to your elder brother's wife but used loosely to address older ladies (older than you) who man the food stalls as hawkers.
4 "Want hum ...etc": ie do you want cockles in your meal? Healthy choice would be to say 'no'. But since cockles taste really great, many people would ask for it. Some people who can't make up their minds can place an order and then change their minds. Hence a source of irritation for short tempered hawkers.
5 Road rage is a problem among impatient drivers. Present everywhere, not just in Singapore.
6 "Hokkien Peng" - Hokkien is a dialect group of the Chinese people. Many Singaporeans are Hokkiens and speak the Hokkien language. Peng means 'soldier'. Hokkien Pengs often refer to national servicemen who are not conversant in English and belong to the rough and tough heartlander/grassroots background. Their swearing tends to be very colourful and earthy.
7."Geylang Lorong 18"- Geylang is a part of Singapore that has been known for underworld activities. Gangs have turfs and Lorong (Street) 18 is possibly a turf of some gang. Barn2 has been known as Samsengkia (gangster kid) and he had recruited a 'gang' in another forum which included a few corgis (including his god-brother Dexter), a Rottie (Bear2) and some others...
Hence the threat to turn his 'brothers' loose to teach Clare a lesson.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Here's a video of the two fighting.
Thanks to Dexter's dad, we now have it in U Tube.


Note: the last part is the best....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007







And she demonstrates her different techniques...

BARN2's reaction.....