Saturday, May 30, 2009

Visit to the Vet

Mummy slept for only 2 hours because of me.

(Aunty Leng is Ko Ko Marky's godma. I met another of her children there...)

MUMMY: At night....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Barn2: Mummy's on leave today. We were bundled into the car and we went on a LONG JOURNEY.....

Mummy: Actually, I got lost in the KPE-ECP-PIE turnings and missed Marine Parade. Had to return to Paya Lebar to get there via Geylang. We took about 40 mins. Barn2 was ok with it.

But Clare wasn't.

Barn2 loved the cuddling and the activities outside the car.

Clare's view was a bit obscured. She GRRRR-RUFFFF!!!-ed her disapproval and tried to butt her way out with her head.

Eventually- we got there.

Clare swam well but the waves were rather strong and she was struggling to keep afloat during one of her forays. (We got there not long after high tide). We decided to let her enjoy the sand instead.

Barn2 was not too happy with the water. He kept to the water's edge as much as he could. Had to be carried in to swim (about 4 times).

He did find the location quite interesting.

The terrain was a bit different from what he was used to. Even his wee2 disappeared very quickly when he pee-d there. A real challenge to male dog used to marking his territory....

After about half an hour- we drove home. Clare was secure in her carrier, next to the driver's seat and under the full blast of the car's airconditioner. It wasn't long before she fell asleep.

So sound asleep that she even had a dream where she WUFFED out aloud like she would when she was chasing her ball....

Now isnt that a CONTENTED LOOK? haha.