Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Funtimes and Sick times


Asher's turn...

(Asher is either placid or extremely NOISY. The mode depends on whether he is half asleep or awake..... Sigh.)

Barn2's teeth needed scaling... so he went in to Jireh for dental work.


Its been (and still is) a tiring two week for me (Grandma).

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Asher the Clown

Grandma: This is the incorrigible 9 month old boy Asher.
Its hard to get angry with him for long. He is such a clown.....

See this video which is entitled, " Where is Asher?".

The Gang of Four

The Pups are almost the same size as their parents now. They are 9 months old.
(Grandma: 9 months worth of sleep debt for me. I havent had a proper night's sleep since the night before they were born....!)

Names and nicknames:

Ju- Ler: The Lord's Joy
Ju-Shern: The Lord's Victory
Ern-Jie: Grace and Holiness ( something she has yet to grow into! sigh)
Ju-Ern: The Lord's Grace.

Early in the morning, Asher goes crazy with his Mommy Clare and fraps around the house, followed by brother Ariel. Guess where Papa Barn2 is? Poor boy is hiding from his mad wife and 2 crazy kids. Don't blame him. It was very peaceful before they all appeared.