Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Poor Barn2...Clare bit him again...

Last night, when Aunty Ju was fixing Ariel's enclosure, one of the metal barriers collapsed and hit Clare. Clare thought Barn2 who was next to her had attacked her...so she bit him. I rushed from the car to find their Aunty Ju carrying Clare's back end and trying to disengage her from Barn2. Clare's jaws were firmly clamped on his upper leg and she wasnt about to let go.

I prised open Clare's jaws to release him. She was hastily carried to the back of the house while I tended to the very miserable looking Barn2. Found that he had a very small bleeding wound on his upper leg. We put anticeptic wash etc. and cream on the wound, wrapped it along with his paw (which had an ulcer that he had been licking for the past few days) . We topped it off with a sock to make sure he couldnt pull the bandages off that easily. Barn2 wasnt too pleased.

Clare did have a tiny nick under her chin- perhaps where Barn2 had snapped at her. She received some first aid and was happily asleep leaving Barn2 to fuss over his foot. The boy milked all the sympathy he could get for a day...limping and looking terribly sad.
Am glad to report that by this evening, he is his usual self. No limp. PTL.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Nailcutting....for Ariel...

Grandma: We had been able to cut the nails for Asher (he is easily distracted. When he is sleepy or tired, its not a big deal to cut his nails or snip his paw fur...). But Ariel....that's a different story.

Ariel is a very focused and serious boy. And he is a fighter. Other than his grand godma Rachel- no one has fully succeeded in clipping all of his nails (I have managed to clip only half of them)...so in desperation- I had to send him to the groomers at K9 Kampus.

(Thought he looked kinda cute here!).

(Bo pien: Hokkien for ' no way out')

Haha. Groomers did good job.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


The boys make a LOT of noise when they playfight. Then....

Finally- we have some peace and quiet.....Ha.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today Grandma decided to pair us up. Ariel went with Papa Barn2 and Asher went with Mommy Clare.

The second pair:


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


(Asher did very well at school today. His handlers said that he was 'fantastic' - relating to them and other dogs very well...even helping a new dog, a Border Collie- adjust to the school.)