Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthday Cakes

MUMMY: There were 4 doggy birthday cakes at the Animal Blessing Service this year. The church bought one from US Doggie Bakery. The Bakery very kindly gave us an extra cake free of charge. (Thank you!)

One lady brought a cake for her dogs' birthday (to be shared with other dogs) and a gift cake for Barn2....The doggies present could not (or rather, their guardians didn't want them to ) finish all the cakes. So the leftover of one 'paw' cake ended up at our place.

Marky (my ASD son) who had no known birthdate, had the honour of checking out the cake and
posing with it....

We cut half the cake (the section that says "BIRTHDAY") and gave it to THUMBLES, Ms Elizabeth William's doggy...and the rest was given to the three at home. Marky received the biggest portion.

Later in the evening, it was time to take out the 'gift cake' for Barn2.

The boy was interested....

He took his time to say hello to it....

His sister (who was held in check by her Aunty Lu lest she decides to mangle the cake)- was very impatient.

Then it was time to share that cake. Supper, anyone?

Marky, Barn2, Clare : YUMMMMMM.....(lick). Thank you Lord, for the lovely cakes today.


FINAL COUNT: 37 dogs, 70 plus humans were present yesterday....PTL.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Exact number to be confirmed later....

This is the 8th year we are holding the Service.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Barn2's birthday treat

Barn2's 6th birthday is sometime next he had a surprise: Benny's ma, Aunty Zoe came to give him a massage....

While the big boy hammed up to the attention, the other two also had their share of love....

Clare: Mummy was so busy catching up with Aunty Zoe that she forgot to snap a photo of Marky getting his massage from Aunty Linda. I heard that Marky was a bit nervous at first but he relaxed after Aunty Lu held his paw.....(The boys in my family are real babies.....)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Barn2's Ear

Update on the state of Barn2's ear after Clare mauled it three weeks ago:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Clare mauls Barn2's ear (WITH LATEST UPDATES)

MONDAY 5 October

Lover boy Barn2 tried to say hello to Clare. (we thought the worst was over so we let them meet)
Before he could even get near her, she growled.
Before he tried any key moves - like mounting her- she mauled his ear.

Pray that his ear would heal properly.

She's a little Hannibal Lector...(we still can't find the missing piece of his ear. Guess she swollowed it. Yuks)
The wound opened after an hour or so. Blood was everywhere (whenever Barn2 shook his head, the blood would be splattered around the room). We rushed him to Jireh Vet Clinic.


When we could not change the bandage this evening without blood flowing from his wound, we took him back to Dr Christopher Tham. This is the new configuration:

Later in the evening, we tried to loosen the bandage because Barn2 felt uncomfortable. We had problems putting new bandages on after that...he kept shaking his head and reopening his wound. At around 8pm, it got really bad. His wound spurted blood....lots. We rushed him to Dr Tham. At the clinic- the blood spurting effect can be seen on the floor. He was put on GA and stents were introduced to stop the bleeding.

We finished around midnight. Barn2 is now home. Poor boy. Very exhausted.


Barn2 seemed more cheerful today. No more bleeding. PTL. But he is more sleepy than usual...

I guess the whole episode had been rather traumatic for him. Pray that his hole-y ear will heal well and the 'gap/hole' will be filled with new flesh...We are using manuka honey on it..
The wound is healing slowly. There had to be a lot of adjustments in the house. Barn2 has to wear the collar daily....

The only part he seems to enjoy is that....

Clare either sleeps with her Dada or....