Monday, August 27, 2007

Renovation completed!

Mummy: (27 August 07)

Just completed the renovations. We were building a room for a maid. We are planning to get a maid to take care of the dogs, Dad, housework and cooking (in that order). The room is now ready. Looks great.

The backyard is much neater now. Marky has lots of space to run. When the maid comes in, Marky will get a human companion living close to him. Our only concern is that when there's thunder and lightning- will Marky be trying to break down her room door? Hmmmmm....

Barn2's favourite wee2 place has also been changed. The little grass patch in front of the house- well, the workmen bricked up the parameters of the patch so that the bricks wont drop when Barn accidentally kicks them as he jumps onto the patch. It looks neat.


Tonight is the first night that Marky is sleeping at the back of the house after the renovations. He is feeling a bit uneasy with so much open space. Barn2 is happy to be able to live life more normally now- ie he can have the free run of the house and the front yard. But there have been so many changes in past three weeks...both dogs are still feeling a bit tense and anxious.

Barn2 and Marky just had a fight

Mummy : ( 26 August 2007)

I was opening the front door and Barn2 slipped past my foot. He charged at Marky and there was a minor fight. Not a lot of growling as I feared there would be...and when I yelled at both of them and separated them, it was Barn2 who was a bit more difficult to disengage from his growliness. Marky seemed to be more relieved to be pulled off. Got my dad to hold Marky while I carried Barn back into the house (easier to carry him than to haul him). Then I checked them for wounds.

Barn seemed ok. Still raring to go. Bad boy.

Marky was walking on three legs. His hind left leg was in the air. Checked him for cuts. None. Realised that Barn2 must have hit his muscle- his vulnerable spot. Marky had a major operation there when I first took him in. The head of his femur bone was totally crushed by a big truck (hit and run) and the vet had tied all his muscles together around the remaining bones. He healed well because he was a pup when it happened. He walks and jumps well but if one observes carefully, he does walk with a very very slight limp. My shortlegged furball must have hit his muscle quite hard. After massaging his outer thigh for a while, I noticed that Marky could put his leg down but for only a while...then he would resume his three legged walk/runs. The only sign of the canine tiff was a small tuff of fur on the floor. It looked like Barn's because it was more wool-y than Marky's straight short fur.

Feelings/ thoughts:
1. A bit relieved because I realised that the two are ok...more or less. I think Marky will be ok after a short rest.
2. A bit relieved that the two(who are both cowards) did not seem to have the strong will to fight each other in the same way that Trax would when he encountered Marky (and vice versa). Compared to all the growls they had made against each other across the door grills, this was very very mild.But am concerned whether Barn2 would be emboldened to try again (he is walking with a swagger.the ya-ya boy!)..and fight to be top dog. Am concerned that if Barn2 manages to get out when I am not around (my dad is less careful..) what would happen. Would Marky be likely to go all out to fight back?

I miss my Ko Ko Trax.....

I miss my Ko Ko Trax. He left one morning in quite a hurry. I remember I tried to bite his bum (as usual) but Mummy managed to get him off the ground before I could clamp my teeth on his fleshy behind. She put him in her car and I was unceremoniously chased back into the house. Dada (Grand-dad) also went with her.

When they both came back, I looked for Ko Ko Trax...but he was nowhere to be found. His pram came back. His collar and leash came back. But where is Ko Ko Trax????

Mummy hugged me as she cried. I dont understand. Where is Ko Ko? The house seemed quite empty without him around. There used to be two of us seating at the living room. Ko Ko under Dada's feet. Me under the glass table. Now there's no one there under Dada's feet.

Oh- Ko Ko Marky's still around...

Mummy keeps telling me that he is my eldest brother now. Bah. He's a softey. I bet I can push him around. He might be big but I am a fighter. Ko Ko Trax taught me how to be a samsengkia...and I am a samsengkia.

Where is Ko Ko Trax? He wasnt on the bed with me when I slept on Mummy's pillows. That night....and subsequent nights. I dont know what to do with myself. One night, I found Ko Ko's favourite - the yellow squeaky toy. I brought it to Mummy and dropped it in front of her.

She understood. I miss my Ko Ko. She hugged me. But I WANT MY KO KO!!!!


Two weeks have passed. A lot happened in the past week. Several men whom I have not smelt before- came into the house daily to do some work in the back part of the house. I was locked in Mummy's room or put behind some barriers in the living room throughout the day. Ko Ko Marky was locked in the upstairs toilet. At night, he goes to the front of the house. I am free to run inside the house but my loo periods outside the house is limited to when Mummy takes me out (ie when Ko Ko Marky is locked up).

Everything smells different. Paint. Sand. Concrete. The floor has gravel and sand. The good part is that I am always with Mummy or Dada. The bad part is that I have to see Ko Ko Marky each night - across the metal grills of the front door. He doesnt seem to realise that Ko Ko Trax's mantle has come to me now. I am now the TOP DOG. Maybe I have to get the message into his thick head. I have tried. I have growled at him...only to be scolded by Mummy or hit by her slipper. Fair is fair- he gets a whack from Mummy too - if he growls first. There are times when he thinks he can play with me. He comes with his tail wagging , his paw hitting the steel bars of the door...I stiffen. I want respect. Are'nt you too big to play with me? Growl.....

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Go with God, my son Trax.....


Went to vet today. Trax’s gums were pale and his stomach distended. Was worried about water retention. He wasn’t interested in his food very much.

Vet did check on stomach. Found it was blood. Prognosis poor. I was prepared to let him go because vet said bleeding could be cancer inside of him. With his kidney problem looking bad, cancer situation (he does have a lump on his chest which we had to KIV checking because we had to take care of his tick fever and kidney problems first)…and him being 13 years old with skin problems (fur looking good now but skin problems barely kept at bay with medication- some of which were steroids)….it didn’t look too good a future for him. Rather than let him suffer- I told the vet I was ready to say goodbye.

My dad and I said good bye and I held him while vet (Dr Pearson) put in a catheter, then injected valium to calm him before the final syringe. His body reacted to valium- ie he started breathing very heavily. Vet told me that the choice to let him go at this point was a good one because normally, the dog would not react so strongly to valium unless something inside wasn’t able to take it any more. The time was right.

Trax left us around 11.45am. I committed him into the Lord’s hands. I will see him again in His hands along with my other dogs.

The pain never lessens even when I know it’s the right thing and the right time for him to go. He was my son.

When Trax came- he was second fiddle to Twerp, my girl corgi. I meant he was adopted to be her companion. He was a wild one, bullying her, up to no good. Hence the name Trax the Samseng (Hokkien for Gangster). Very vocal, very rough. After Twerp grew up, she was able to fight him back. But she was never the fighter he wished her to be. After Twerp died, we got Barnabas Ju-Ern. As companion for Trax. We saw Trax in a role we never expected him to play- a very good elder brother and mentor. He was very gentle but firm with Barn2. Trained him, guided him. Barn2 was everything Trax wanted in Twerp but couldn’t get her to be- a companion in play and fighting. Trax enjoyed Barn2.
Now that Barn has grown up- Trax became the god-father of all other dogs…he would look on kindly, interfere and scold only when other dogs misbehave. Gone was his indiscriminate aggressiveness towards other dogs (except for Marky). Now Barn2 has taken on his trait! His last outing that was an enjoyable one was the National Dog Walk last Sunday 5th August. (Photo by Robert and Raptor here). Will always remember him as Trax my son, the Samseng, the Godfather, the Dogfather….the loud but quietly affectionate boy.
Go with God, my son. Go with God.

DOGSFORUM SINGAPORE (DFS')s collage tribute to Trax:

Monday, August 6, 2007


We were piled into Mummy's car on Sunday. Me, Ko Ko Trax, our cages, two strollers and lots of other stuff. Then Mummy picked up Dexter, his carrier, his parents- Uncle M and Aunty R. After a long long trip- we landed at the West Coast parkway. Ko Ko Trax got to sit on the pram. Both Dexter and I had to walk. NOT FAIR!!!

There were a lot- I mean A LOT of dogs there. All breeds. Mummy said that there were almost or maybe 2000 dogs. Other corgis were there- Angus, Brownie, Chester Jr and Cody, another Cody, Carrot (a Cardi), Chester (Bond), three others (a sable girl with two black headed corgis-one of them was named Barney!!!)

I wanted to tell all the dogs there that I am Barn2- the TOP DOG. When any furball walked into my space- I would lunge at him or her, growling. But Uncle M kept me on tight leash (no fun!) . Mummy kept me tied to Ko Ko Trax's pram.

At one point, when she wasnt watching, I launched myself at a corgi walking near MY space. That force tripped Ko Ko Trax's pram....and he fell to the ground protesting very loudly - scolding me! Well, at least he got to feel the ground. Haha. Mummy put him back on the pram and we began to walk....and walk...and walk....

Ko Ko Trax got a lot of attention. Everyone thought he was 'cute'. What about me? I am the one doing the walking! Ko Ko just enjoyed being pushed around. Hmmmm....Is that what happens when you get older? You get more privileges?
When we finally arrived at the end point, we sat with Dexter and Chester (Bond) and their human parents. Ko Ko and I got to lick some iced pumpkin (Mummy prepared it) and we had some nice treats. Finally- the humans had enough and walked back to the car.

When we got home- all I wanted was to sleep after dinner.
My paws were sore.....
(Mummy: Photos are from Robert, Chester(Bond)'s dad).

Thursday, August 2, 2007



Trax's Urea was 63 (normal 7 to 26) and Creatin. was 2.40 instead of the usual 0.30 to 1.40. His PCV was 39. TP was 7.4 (normal 5.2-8.2)

Not sure what everything means but he needs to get his urea and creatin down.

Just did the drip today. Was very very nervous. Distracted Trax by combing him while doing the drip. He was a brave boy. Only one BRRFFF! in pain when the needle went in. Other than that, he sat there for the 25 mins to get 250cc of fluids under his skin. (Compound Sodium Lactate) .


BARN2: I vomited and had diahorrea on Wednesday night (1 August). Mummy was so worried she made an appointment with the vet for me today (2 August). Aunty Rachel came along to help Mummy out because she couldnt handle both me and Ko Ko Trax. Mummy bought Ko Ko Trax along because he had an appointment on Friday (3rd August) and she figured out that if I were to see the vet, she might be able to sneak Ko Ko in a day early and save on having to travel there on the 3rd.

Vet checked me and said I was ok. The vomit and the diahorrea was caused by the cheese I ate. Mummy had given it to me as a treat...and as a wrapping for the glucosamine pill. My stomach didnt like it reacted. Vet gave me something to calm the tummy. I am OK. Thank you Lord!

Mummy: Yes...Barn2 was terrified. Was trembling on the table and was trying to jump off the table! (Chicken....!! Haha)

BARN2: Then came Ko Ko Trax's turn. He had blood test plus a lot of other stuff. Dr Ly said that Ko Ko Trax is starting to have kidney failure. His urea and creatanin(?) count isnt good. Untreated, Ko Ko will last for only 12 months to 24 months...and there can be complications as well. Mummy was told to give Ko Ko drips daily from tomorrow to hydrate Ko Ko's system. She has to jab a needle into his skin to do the necessary. Mummy is freaking out. She hates needles!

On 16th August, Ko Ko Trax will have to get a tube inserted into is for peritoneal dailysis. Mummy will have to do the drips for that daily or once in two or three days for the rest of Ko Ko's life.

Poor Ko Ko Trax.

Please pray for him and Mummy. Its high stress for both of them.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Corgis love pillows. See how many we have on Mummy's bed. Between Ko Ko Trax and I ...we have more pillows than Mummy!

Corgis are creative. They dont sleep only in one position. See how I sleep....

Corgis are determined. Sometimes there are more interesting things to do so I try not to sleep....I am getting sleepier....and sleepier......Zzzzzzzz (snore...!).....zzzzz

Here's Ko Ko Trax in two of his many beds....(the first one is on Mummy's pillow when Mummy isnt looking!). Why is he there with a machine gun? Hmmmmmm....

Mummy: That's because Barn2 tends to disturb his Ko Trax has to be ready to protect himself!!

Barn: But I AM nice to Ko Ko Trax....see below...

Mummy: Okay, are nice to Ko Ko ONCE IN A WHILE.