Sunday, September 30, 2007



I have a Chinese (classical Mandarin)name.
It's Ju-Ern. (Hokkien dialect: Choo Oon)
It means "God's grace".

Mummy seemed to enjoy disturbing me with it.
Now she has come up with a name for Ko Ko Marky as well:
Ju-You. (Hokkien dialect: Choo Yu)
It means " God's Protection".

I guess its appropriate since Ko Ko Marky was a hit and run victim and Mummy was providentially there to witness it and have him rescued. It is a long story : read the first few pages of this blog to find the ASD website of his history.

I get a feeling that Mummy must be quite restless nowadays. She has come up with yet another name.
This time, she has not yet identified nor adopted the furball.
In fact, she hasn't even figured out an English name.

Horror of horrors- she told me that it is the name of my sister-to-be....
(or is she thinking of it for my intended wife ....HELP!!!!).
The name would be Ern Jie (Hokkien dialect: Oon Cheak).
Ern (as you can recognise- is part of my name too. It means GRACE).
Jie means HOLINESS.
So her name would be "The holiness of grace" or 'Holy Grace" (!!!)

I ask you -
Is that an appropriate name for a Samsengkia (gangster kid)'s sister
(or YIPES! wife???!!!)

p.s. Thanks to Aunty Priscilla for getting her father to write out our names in Chinese calligraphy.


Yes, I do have friends. Only a few....(I am a late starter). Hope to get to know them more- now that Mummy has been taking me to meet them at corgi gatherings etc.
Here's a line up of friends/ to-be-friends......
The guys ....beginning with my god-brother Dexter...

The girls.....


BARN: Today Mummy took me , Dexter and his parents to Pet Movers dog run. There was this Golden Retriever who seemed to like me. OK, she was almost white in colour. But she was taller than I....

(MUMMY: Barn2 likes white girls but he likes them to be shorter than him!)

Must say that she has the right attitude.

Dexter and I checked her out.

She just jumped into this shallow pool and allowed me to smell her all over.



Very likable. She recognises my Alpha-ness.

Why can't other dogs be like her....?

Barn2 has a Napoleonic complex.)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


It was an exhausting day. Mummy brought both Ko Ko Marky and I to K9 Kampus for our weekly 'school' sessions.

We were a bit early so Mummy tied us to the side of the road.

Here am I waiting for the action to happen.....

It must be my day! Aunty Cheryl and Uncle Josiah introduced me to 3 girls. All white girls.

(MUMMY: Barn2 has a thing for white girls. Note his 'look' above. )

BARN2: Hello there, Beautiful. I'm your Prince Charming. Where have you been all my life?

Did I tell you that you have the most sophisticated haircut?

Aw....don't be shy.....gimme a kiss....

I don't know why but Aunty Cheryl and Uncle Josiah were not too pleased with my Cassanova approaches.

They gave me LONG lectures (in dog language) about my behaviour.
OK, so they speak K9 too.

It figures......

Have you read the words? You must be part K9 to speak to us....

Hee Hee.... WUFF!!



I spent two hours mixing around with the other dogs. I couldnt wait to get back to Mummy. I dont feel secure without her!

I kept jumping up on the window sills....looking for her...

Oh yes, I did mix around a bit. Here I am smelling Rocky, a corgi in the day boarding programme.

I did look around a bit more than I did last week.....


(MUMMY: the place - K9 Kampus- is very big. They havent opened it officially as yet. Might do so in October.

Here's the cafe (cakes, coffee, juices).

Here's the US Bakery (for dogs!).

There's the other units (not populated yet).

These were stables before.....(no more horses here).

They are building a hydrotherapy pool for the canine day boarders. I think the place will open in mid October.)


Mummy thought I needed a massage since I havent been myself lately. So Aunty Zoe had a go at me after my hour long socialisation class. Her shop is PAWSITIVE SENSATIONS and is located within the K9 Kampus.

How did I feel about the massage? I don't really know......

It was a bit painful when Aunty Zoe first touched my thigh.

Then it felt better....

(MUMMY: Aunty Zoe found that Barn2 had a pulled muscle on his thigh and some inflammation /rashes on his undercarriage. It could explain why Barn2 was not very cooperative today during his class session. I made appointment with Animal Recovery Centre for Barn2 to see Dr Ly at 3.30pm today)


BARN2: Here I am, the Vulture Korgi, perched on a seat at the Animal Recovery Centre....viewing my prey.....

The unsuspecting prey approaches...

Another white female dog....

(MUMMY: Before the Vulture Korgi could pounce....he was called into the treatment room. This was when the Vulture turned Chicken......

Dr Ly had a good laugh at the corgi boy who was trying to wriggle out of his grasp and escape from the examination table....).

Barn2: "Let me out of here!!!"

What was the diagnosis?

He has rashes. Stress related rashes. He's still grieving over Trax. (Trax died on 11th August 2007: one month and a few weeks.)

Prescription: Cream and Bach Flower Blend for Loss and Mourning.

Poor Barn-Barn. He needs lots of comforting hugs.....)