Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bathy Bath time!

(Mummy: Yup, they LOVE water)

The water is warm. This is a very occasional ie rare treat for them- bath in a tub...


1. Immerse corgi one at a time. Good exercise as one weighs about 14kg and the other about 18kg!

2. Remove water logged furkid from tub. Put the other one in to have some semblance of order when #3 is taking place

3. Apply two types of shampoo on each wet dog. Work up a lather. Rinse.

4. Remove the other -now rather upset- corgi from inside the tub and replace it with the rinsed corgi. Splash water on the rinsed corgi...and make sure their undercarriage parts are shampoo free.

At all times, be very alert to any sign of possible jealousy induced spat....usually from you-know-who

5. When both corgis have had enough of water, release one at a time from the bathroom for towelling.

Happy corgi!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pool day for Marky...

(There's so much space for him to do whatever he liked there but no, he chose to POO up there! Funny boy.)

'Gentle persuasion....' haha

Saturday, December 26, 2009



Sorry to miss Timmy, Chloe, ( Jazzie),Rusty, Dexter. Their parents had other engagements on this day. (The place was too small to invite the others. Hopefully we can organise a corgi gathering next year at another place where there's space for more corgis!)
As usual, first things first:

After the meal....

Shh! Dont let Zoe know....

Barn2 was kept inside the house where he could view the happening but not join in because he is likely to fight with the other dogs. But..his Aunty Lu made him a very happy boy:

More photos will be posted when I am able to swipe them from the others who were at the pawty. Akan Datang. Have a blessed Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Barn2: Mummy kept telling me that Marky is my elder brother. Humph. And I thought I AM THE OLDEST DOG in the house! In any case, I stared down Marky last week - across the steel door (and he ran out into the rain! haha). I like what Aunty Lu did to him today. Haha.

Barn2: Remember my Mummy's godson, Timmy aka Timothy? Well, here he is.....
(Mummy has another godson: Dexter).

(Mummy visited him today)

He's very sweet and affectionate.

Mummy says he looks good, thanks to his adopted Mum, Aunty Gemma.
And then there's his sister- Chloe....

Mummy didnt manage to get a photo of Jazze, their Sheltie sister.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas at Orchard Road

Took the two corgis to Orchard Road to see the Christmas lights.


It was past her bedtime....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

About Fat Corgis, Corgi Frustration and Furboys' idea of Fun...

FAT CORGIS are created when there's a Dada (Grandpa) around who likes to share his food....

Frustrated corgi : when the 'prey' would not play 'cow' for her to herd.

Furboys have such simple pleasures....