Friday, November 29, 2013


The first fumigation wasnt very effective. To make sure the dogs were safe, the chemicals were not as strong. And the ticks survived. Fumigation had to be repeated. This time- stronger chemicals over two days....

Second day....

Ari-el loved being upstairs. It reminded him of his puppyhood which was spent in this very green room.... Asher was just a bit anxious about the change in accommodation..... But their Aunty J was there with them..

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Godpas. Godmas and Old Intros of MARKY BARN2 CLARE

Realised that these photos were not put together in the blog. They were in my old files. So here it is: the godpas and godmas of Marky, Barn2 and Clare and the self introductions of Barn2 and Clare in their younger days....Enjoy!

( Godpa Barnabas is now working with Mummy at the same church)

(Grand dad returned to the Lord in 2011)

(Aunty Lu returned to Philippines in 2010)

(Samsengko is LADY GANGSTER.
Samsengkia is GANGSTER KID )


While looking at my files, I realised that some old photos of Marky were shown in this blog but not all. Some were in geocities files but when the geocities closed down, the files were lost. I had the photos in my computer. Hence this rather late entry.

Here's the story of Marky my oldest boy.
First, see some photos....

The corgis shown here were my first corgi kids: Twerp (Tabitha the Twerp) and Trax the Samseng. They have since returned to the Lord.

This is his story- told in the ACTION FOR SINGAPORE DOGS (ASD) website