Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Tonight, we have a guest blogger: my Ko Ko Marky.
Mummy says he is a brave boy and a hero.

I dont know why Mummy and Aunty Lu suddenly got me into the car and drove me to Animal Recovery Centre (Balestier) this evening at 6pm. I usually go there once a year....and I am not feeling sick.

Mummy and Aunty Lu kept patting me and telling me how good a dog I am. Hmmm....what's happening?

We got a call from Atom of ARC yesterday. She told us that Iggy the Boston Terrier needed blood transfusion. Without it, Iggy would not have a fighting chance at all. He has the unusual blood type (Negative rather than Positive type) that Marky has. Would Marky be the donor?

I said- certainly...but the only condition is that Dr Ly be the one who does the transfusion since the risk is high when you put a needle into the jagular vein of the donor. I trust Dr Ly : we have known each other for more than 20 years and he had been my dogs' vet all this while. I dont know the other vets (except the one who was pregnant but she is now on maternity leave).
But the problem was that Dr Ly was out of town.

Today, I saw in Dogsforum and Doggysite that Iggy has not yet found a donor. I called ARC to inquire when Dr Ly will be back (since Barn2 needs to get his annual jabs this month as well). Heard that he's back today. So Voon from ARC said that the donation can be done TODAY.

Here's Iggy with his owner at ARC....

OK. I'm in the room. What are they planning to do?

MUMMY: Marky was sedated (mildly) and Dr Ly started the process. Aunty Lu helped hold Marky down....

Here's the dangerous part- the blood has to be taken from the jagular vein....

Meripi (not sure if this is how she spells her name), the vet technician (she is actually a vet in Philippines but because of Singapore doesnt recognise the qualifications there, she is working as vet technician) is collecting the blood and rotating the collection to and fro to help the flow from Marky's neck into the plastic bag.

After a 'wake up' jab by Meripi, Marky regains consciousness....

A bit wobbly but he's ok...

They did a heartworm test on him (in case he passes the heartworm in his blood to the receiving dog...) and thank God, it was negative. He will be giving good blood to Iggy.

I am all right now...Not sure what happened to me really but I have just had my dinner and I am going to bed.
It had been an interesting and exhausting day!

A hit and run stray puppy from Loyang....

For those who dont know about Marky's past and why he is doing this blood donation, here's something about him:

(Note: Dr Ly was the one who did the operation six years ago. He brought his own dog to be blood donor - just in case Marky needed the transfusion. But Marky didnt at that point.)
As Marky had been blessed with the gift of a new life and with that unusual blood type, he is now a bless-er of others.

After all, his name Marky (aka Makarios in Greek) means BLESSED.


Today is K9 Kampus day!
Here's me saying hello to Ko Ko Marky across the fence.
He is on the other programme- ie he is with the big dogs, socialising and running around.
Me? I have to swim.....

Ko Ko Marky has a few new friends....

Today, Clare is joining me -officially- for the swims....

Yup, we are ready to go....

Clare just jumped into the water without any pushing.
That's my sister!!!

Aunty Michelle feels a bit redundant... hee hee

Actually, we werent racing. I cant wait to get out of the pool while for Clare.....

She swims and swims and swims....
Of course- there's Aunty Lu encouraging her on- by throwing the ball for her.

I got my swimming lessons from Aunty Michelle....

I am always told that I cannot just paddle with my front paws....I need to exercise my back ones too....

OK. We pause for a photo...

Whew. Its over. I am tired!

Now we are at the 'beauty parlour' getting our fur done.

Meanwhile, Ko Ko Marky has his day with the other dogs....


Will let him tell his side of the story.....
Uncle Antonio and Aunty Michelle tried to get me into the pool but without much success.
I didnt want to go in and you can't make me go in! (That is...until Mummy came along and CARRIED 29kg of me and dropped me into the pool!!)
Here's me struggling to get out of the water.
Why is Aunty Michelle laughing?
Actually, Marky CAN Swim!!!

But boy, is he glad to get out of the pool. Haha.

Well done, my big boy!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Nowadays, it is rare for me to have some peace and quiet.
You know....ever since Mummy brought home a sister for me.
Today- I had some quality time. Some pampering....
Most enjoyable!

We arrived a bit early for Cookie's birthday bash : Mummy thought it would be good to arrive early so that she could set up a table and some chairs for the crowd outside Pawsitive Sensations. She didnt realise that most people would rather stand inside enjoying the airconditioning than to sit outside in the heat!

Since we were waiting for the others to arrive, Aunty Z gave Clare and Ode their gift massages (Uncle E's gift to Cookie was to provide all corgis attending the birthday, a 20 min massage by Aunty Z).

Then it was my turn.

Ode, Benny and Clare were locked away in the other room.
I got all the attention....

Thank you everyone!
(More about Cookie's birthday party later. Remember to check out the updates and reports in the blogs of Benny, Ode, Cody and Lucky...)

I SWAM!!!- Clare

While the rest of the corgis (11 of them!) were celebrating Cookie's first birthday at Pawsitive Sensations, I was having my second swim this week at K9 Kampus. Then Mummy decided to show Clare the pool. This is because she wants Clare to join me for swimming from next week onwards. She even bought a life jacket for Clare in preparation for that event.

Guess what happened?
The cheeky little pup JUMPED into the pool!


The uncle was nice. He said its ok for me to try out. So I swam one lap.
Then he put Ko Ko Barn2 and I on an invisible 'starting line'....

When we reached the 'shore', I was one tired little pup.
I held onto the sloping side for support...

Mummy and that Uncle realised that I was sinking a Uncle grabbed me...

Must say it was fun.
It sure beats having to jump and grab the rubber duckies in our small swimming tub at home!
I get no peace on the floor.
I get no peace on the bed.
Now I will have no peace even when I am in the water!