Sunday, November 30, 2014

Enlarged Enclosures

The grandsons Asher and Ari-el are already 4 years old. They are BIG boys now. I realised that their enclosure space is rather limited and have been thinking of how I can expand it for them.
Changes for Asher included having better access to the ceiling fan, space for him to run around and a cosy corner where he can spy on his Aunt J and his brother Ari-el.
For Ari-el, his new space allows him some running area, sufficient distance between his pee/poo tray and his night bed (which he usually pushes too close to the pee tray when he chooses to sleep on the cold floor). The cloth gives him more privacy (Asher can't see his movements that well - so we might have less noise).

 From the looks of the first night, the boys like this new arrangement.

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