Saturday, August 11, 2007

Go with God, my son Trax.....


Went to vet today. Trax’s gums were pale and his stomach distended. Was worried about water retention. He wasn’t interested in his food very much.

Vet did check on stomach. Found it was blood. Prognosis poor. I was prepared to let him go because vet said bleeding could be cancer inside of him. With his kidney problem looking bad, cancer situation (he does have a lump on his chest which we had to KIV checking because we had to take care of his tick fever and kidney problems first)…and him being 13 years old with skin problems (fur looking good now but skin problems barely kept at bay with medication- some of which were steroids)….it didn’t look too good a future for him. Rather than let him suffer- I told the vet I was ready to say goodbye.

My dad and I said good bye and I held him while vet (Dr Pearson) put in a catheter, then injected valium to calm him before the final syringe. His body reacted to valium- ie he started breathing very heavily. Vet told me that the choice to let him go at this point was a good one because normally, the dog would not react so strongly to valium unless something inside wasn’t able to take it any more. The time was right.

Trax left us around 11.45am. I committed him into the Lord’s hands. I will see him again in His hands along with my other dogs.

The pain never lessens even when I know it’s the right thing and the right time for him to go. He was my son.

When Trax came- he was second fiddle to Twerp, my girl corgi. I meant he was adopted to be her companion. He was a wild one, bullying her, up to no good. Hence the name Trax the Samseng (Hokkien for Gangster). Very vocal, very rough. After Twerp grew up, she was able to fight him back. But she was never the fighter he wished her to be. After Twerp died, we got Barnabas Ju-Ern. As companion for Trax. We saw Trax in a role we never expected him to play- a very good elder brother and mentor. He was very gentle but firm with Barn2. Trained him, guided him. Barn2 was everything Trax wanted in Twerp but couldn’t get her to be- a companion in play and fighting. Trax enjoyed Barn2.
Now that Barn has grown up- Trax became the god-father of all other dogs…he would look on kindly, interfere and scold only when other dogs misbehave. Gone was his indiscriminate aggressiveness towards other dogs (except for Marky). Now Barn2 has taken on his trait! His last outing that was an enjoyable one was the National Dog Walk last Sunday 5th August. (Photo by Robert and Raptor here). Will always remember him as Trax my son, the Samseng, the Godfather, the Dogfather….the loud but quietly affectionate boy.
Go with God, my son. Go with God.

DOGSFORUM SINGAPORE (DFS')s collage tribute to Trax:


Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Trax you'll be sorely missed. Who is gonna teach me to be a samseng?

Trax's Mummy, be strong!

Dexter.Yew said...

We will all miss u dearly Trax.
Especially Dexter tee-tee.
He didn't know it yet cos we didn't tell him.

Plenty of hugs to Trax mummy!
We love u!

Carol said...

we will miss the foot stool